Brooklyn Nets

July 10 - Aug 9, 2014
at Exhibit by Aberson in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A solo exhibition of new work featuring a series of wall hanging sculptures in stitched cord, four wall hanging pieces in beeswax and cotton cord, and a group of seven new sculptural vessels.

The work presented in this exhibition delves deep into the process of transforming cordage into aesthetic objects, building upon the coiling and stitching techniques I have been exploring since 2010. During that period of making baskets, bags and sculptural vessels, numerous tangential explorations were conceived that form the basis of this new body of work. The name “Brooklyn Nets” has several layers of meaning, but primarily it expresses a filtration or distillation of the ideas I have been working with since moving to Brooklyn in 2007. I have been trying to capture the essence of various facets of the process, including several actual net-type works, while maintaining a playful and improvisational spirit. It also expresses my excitement for presenting this work in my hometown while acknowledging that seven years of living in New York City has fundamentally affected my identity.

All images by Michael Popp.